Dash/minus symbol spacing problem

Steps to reproduce

type a space after a word, then a dash/minus symbol -

Expected result

abc - def

Actual result

abc- def

it looks like there is no space between the word and the dash even though there is one


it happens on the web version, mobile web on android and windows desktop

Additional information

the second item in the list has one space on either side, the others are just for comparison

a  - a
a - a
a- a

spaces replaced with bullet points:



Additional comments

when the first item is copied and pasted elsewhere in dynalist or to another program, the two spaces are removed and it ends up with just one space on either side:

a••-•a     becomes     a•-•a

It’s a font kerning problem, switch to Calibri rather than Calibri Light and it should be fine!

We could disable font kerning but it would cause other problems :frowning:


that works, thanks