Dark Mode Title Bar in macOS App

You really made a great app and I have been using it for a long time.
But I found the titlebar of the Dynalist macOS app is always silver(the macOS light mode title bar color). However, other apps have dark title bars.
Is it possible to add dark mode support in macOS app


This is certainly possible, and in the mean time, you can actually achieve this with a workaround.

I just had the same thought like you and decided to research ways to make this work, I found the necessary info on here: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/appkit/nsappearancecustomization/choosing_a_specific_appearance_for_your_macos_app

All you need to do to achive this is to add this key/value pair to the Info.plist file which is stored inside the Dynalist.app file. To get there, simply right click the Dynalist.app and then click on Show Package Content. Once in there, navigate into the Content folder and open the Info.plist with an editor and add the key value pair. Obviously, it’s a good idea to backup the previous file before making the change.


Once made, restart Dynalist.app and the title bar should be in dark mode (if your system is set to dark mode).

Cheers, Chris

P.S.: The only issue is: if the Dynalist.app gets an update, this will have to be done again. But then again, the app is mostly a web app and most updates do not necessarily need an app update so this should work fine — for now.


Update on this little feature:

For some reason this works when done first time. But for some reason this workaround only works as that — a workaround in the moment. I have not found a way to keep it.

What is happening: upon restart, the app does not start and I can’t get it to do so (unless I remove the lines mentioned above in the Info.plist again. My guess is that some checksum does not validate and that’s why it’s not restarting.

But generally, this research makes me believe that the developers of Dynalist could add the menu bar dark mode fairly easily to simply do whatever the system is doing already.

Looking forward to that update.

@Erica, is this something you can make happen?

@Erika? or any other dev? :wink:

+1 for this. It would also be great if prefers-color-scheme was enabled for custom CSS in the desktop app.

I’m pretty sure this is just a matter of using the right electron build settings. Not sure how the app is built, but if you happen to be using electron-builder, there’s a handy setting to enable dark mode support darkModeSupport: true (https://www.electron.build/configuration/mac)