Daily automatic backup fails after upgrading to Big Sur


Just after I upgraded my MacBook to Big Sur, daily automatic backup fails.
Until upgrading, daily automatics backup worked well for about 6 months.

I re-linked Dropbox account, but still daily automatic backup fails.

Any idea?

As far as I know the backups are server-side. So there should be no issue with Big Sur. I’d check whether there is still space in your dropbox. Also try to enable and disable the auto backup feature.

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It only makes a backup on days where you change something, do you use dynalist every day?

Sidenote - if you need to recover something there is a seperate, independant backup in revision history too (tho it only goes back so far)

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Thank you for your reply.

I re-checked and found that the backups are all successfully saved to Dropbox (server-side).

Success: Dynalist backup -> Dropbox Server.
Fail: Dropbox Server -> My Local Dropbox Folder.

After upgrading Big Sur, my Dropbox app does not work well.
I reinstalled the Dropbox app to my MacBook, and it is successfully syncing now.

This trouble is solved.
Thanks a lot!