Cutting items doesn’t copy items to clipboard

Steps to reproduce

  1. Select some items
  2. Cut
  3. Paste elsewhere

Expected result

Items are pasted.

Actual result

Old clipboard contents are pasted.




Can reproduce for web. Copy works, cut doesn’t.

In Windows App: works as expected.

@Erica, not sure if this is related to this one, but here’s another bug about cut/paste.

An important thing to distinguish is that you can cut the text inside a single point, but if you highlight the entire point and/or subpoints, then it doesn’t copy.

E.g. Selecting text works:

E.g. Selecting the point does not:

@Yatharth_Agarwal What would be the best way to describe this and add it to the glossary?

Selecting text vs selecting items seems to be clear enough.

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Related: If you just place the caret in an item and don’t select anything, then press Ctrl+X, it deletes the item without passing it to the clipboard.

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Ah, good catch. So Ctrl+X is deleting things if you select an item or don’t select anything.

But it will work as expected if you select the text in a point.

cc’ing @Erica, in case that extra detail helps.

Thanks, we’re fixing this very soon.

One catch is that it won’t work on Mac, as the cut event is not triggered if no text is selected. @Yatharth_Agarwal you can tell if the event is fired by looking at the “Edit” menu. If it flashes blue, it means an action was performed. I tried pressing Ctrl+X while having a cursor selection (not a range) and it didn’t trigger anything :frowning:


Hmm… on chrome/macOS for me, if my cursor is in an item with nothing selected, hitting Cmd-X does cause the Edit menu to flash blue.

Really? It doesn’t for me. Same for copy.

@Erica Here’s a screencast.

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I was using Safari to test. Chrome does seem to allow this, but I’m afraid too many Mac users use Safari. We’ll copy to clipboard whenever the system allows us to, so that’s a little unfortunate for Safari users.

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That’s unfortunate. Look like Workflowy doesn’t even cut items on Chrome on macOS either.

This happened with me when I was dealing with content that I had copy/pasted en masse and went back to change formatting.

I can use the right-click “cut” and then CTRL+V, just not CTRL+X.

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As a mac/Chrome user, I appreciate that you will include this for me.

For safari users, I suggest that you make is to command-x does nor delete items either. Currently I keep forgetting that it doesnt cut, so I keep hitting command x and having to undo.

Copy content in Google Chrome iOS doesn’t work. Trying copy different ways but nothing. This is the tenth attempt to go to Dynalist, but it remains to Workflowy.

Here’s a post that’s been made about the bug you’ve described.

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I believe that’s currently the bug. Instead of copying things and deleting them, it only deletes thing. But right-click > cut still works.

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Same here. ctrl+x just deletes the item.

ctrl+a, then ctrl+x works.

Ctrl-X deletes the whole item (without putting it in the clipboard) will be fixed in the next update!