"cutting" a note in half at caret position, script simulated

A demo of the operation I have in mind is in the gif below, using a AHK script to chain the relevant operations together (script is at bottom). I imagine it’d be trivial to adapt it for Mac, etc.

2020_0921_0326_20 (Thankful Zebradove)

This “cutting in half” operation may seem an odd thing to want to do, but ever since I was introduced to it by Scapple, I find it such a natural operation in any multiline block editing environment (after all, it is to blocks what Enter key is to lines! Perhaps you might want to bind it to “alt+enter”, as ‘alternative enter (for blocks)’ :p) that I find it surprising that it’s not more widely implemented.

Send ^+{End}
Send ^x
Send +{Enter}
Send {Enter}
Send (Placeholder Text)
Send +{Enter}
Send ^v
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