Customizable Date Types for use with Multiple Dates

Items often have multiple dates you can assign to them, e.g. Due Date, First Payment Due, Milestone, Start Date, Defer Until, etc. Yet, how do you search for them?

Suggestion: Allow a {Type} field after the ‘!’, where the presence of an alphabetic character means that the date follows after the space.

For Example (using ISO date format, just to illustrate):
!start 180601 !due 180630 !milestone 180615 !report 180702 !presentation 180709

Can’t you tag them seperately and use the date search operators?
#due within:1w would give you everything due within the next week


Also, see this feature request: Tag attributes

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That’s exactly perfect! I got back on here to request that, only I was going to call it ‘Variable Tags’ for use as parameter fields, like they do in programming. Then the tags can have any searchable value you want, including dates. – P.S. Thanks again for a great product!

Regarding ISO 8601 date formats, 180630 is no longer ISO. It was removed in 2004. 20180630 is ISO. Many other date formats are also recognized, including 2018-06-30 (preferred), but you can never omit the century in an ISO date.

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Your suggestion sounds interesting but I wasn’t able to follow it. How do you use the date search operators with tags? Let’s say I have an item that is due in a week, say on June 15 2021. How would I tag it? And then how do I search for it?