[Custom CSS] Tag pane?

Hi there :blush: !

I’m a newbie here and in the Dynalist family :blush: .

I began to tweak my CSS yesterday especially the colors of the #tag and @tag using this method :

And it’s working beautifully :smile: !

But what I would like to do is to get the colors I chose for my tags in the tag pane too.

So I just got 2 questions :blush:

  • Is it doable ?
  • If, yes : How ?

I’ve done a little bit of CSS at least 10 years from now, so I might just say that my HTML is more than outdated, it’s inexistent :blush: (But I’m always eager to learn :wink: )

Many thanks in advance for the help :blush: !

Hi Pch, welcome! This CSS changes the background of all my tags in the tag pane to yellow:

span.tag-instance-text.pane-item-title {
    background-color: yellow;


Thank you for your answer :smile: !

Well, I tried your code but, sadly, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for :wink:

I differentiated my #tag and @tag (using colors) in my documents because in my own mind they don’t have the same purpose and I wanted to reflect this differentiation in the tag pane as well.

My tags and tag pane are actually looking like this


Using your code, it’s now looking like this

This is already easier to read, so it’s helpful anyway :smile:

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Sadly I don’t think it’s possible to differentiate # and @ in the tag pane. In the document their title attribute is different–not so in the tag pane.

We can work to improve it though!

Thanks for your reply Erica :grin: !

I must say, after a lot of research here and a lot of testing too, I’ve got to the same conclusion :wink: . Thank you for confirming that it’s apparently and actually not doable :wink: .

I’m not entirely sure this could be useful.

By reflecting the color-differentiation of my @tag & #tag in the tag pane, I was just trying to go around the fact that, currently, we can’t organize tags in folders in the tag pane :wink: .
(which is for me an important missing feature :confused: )