Custom Color Label Colors

Color coding is really important to me. So much so, that in WorkFlowy I used to tag things as #red, #blue, etc. just to get around this. It’s awesome Dynalist has this and even better than you can use keyboard shortcuts for it.

But, letting me customize colors would be much better. I am color-blind, so I need to play around to find colors that I can differentiate easily. Also, I already have a system in my head for exactly what colors I want to use because I generally keep it consistent between all apps. For now, I’ll keep using my color tags. :grin:


From the blog post:

We plan to offer customization of the colors sometime in the future. If you need that really badly though, do let us know.

Sounds like a pretty good enough reason to me.

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Yes, as @JP1 said, we’re planning to do it at some point :slight_smile:



I also have a consistent color system, so I really want the color customization feature. In particular, pink is an important color for me. If the pro version has that feature, I will gladly pay for it.


Hi Gigacee,

You can customize the colors using custom CSS, a PRO feature. I changed my color-1 to be a light green by pasting this into the Custom CSS box in Dynalist settings:

.set-color-label[data-color="1"], .Node-contentContainer.mod-color-label-1 {
    background-color: #ddffcc;




それは私が Pro 版に課金するのに十分な理由です。



That’s a sufficient reason to pay for Pro plan.

Thank you!


Woah, what a great sales pitch! :smiley:

Thanks as always Craig!


Perhaps this belongs in another thread that I haven’t found yet…

Probably the biggest feature I was hoping to find in Dynalist vs Workflowy was an ability to assign colours to #tags.

Obviously this would need to be custom colours, so when you do add a colour selector for item colours, PLEASE also consider allowing Pro users to assign colours to selected tags from their tags pane. This is probably doable with a whole lot of work in custom CSS that would need constant updating, so not really a solution.


I think it’s a good idea to post a separate feature request about your use case, as it’s pretty different from the OP. Would be sad to see your request hidden here…

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Hoping this is still planned!

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It’s easily doable in CSS actually, and what I’m using hasn’t required updating since I initially put it together back in October (unlike when I customized Todoist, which would break every few days it felt like).

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Likely not planned any more, since it’s pretty easy to do with custom CSS (released in June 2018).

Do you still need this?

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I would still like to be able to do this … 7 colors is not sufficient. Is it incredibly difficult to add a font and background color-picker?


It is still very important for me to have color customization feature.

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Is this not sufficient for you @jumaoya? Put this in for each color from 1 to 6 and you get the colors you need.

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Thanks a lot!
The problem is that I need more colors, not only 6 kinds.
It‘s my fault that I didn’t make it clear.

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I would also appreciate more colors a lot!

Thanks again, Dynalist is the backbone of my life.

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