Cursor doesn't stay in the field of view on Chrome

In workflowy, when my cursor moves below the bottom of the page or above the top of the page, the page scrolls, updating the field of view so the cursor doesn’t disappear. (Actually, Workflowy doesn’t do this quite right; the cursor disappears behind their search bar near the top of the page.)

With Dynalist, my cursor seems to just disappear into the netherworlds when I go above or below the current view. Every once in a while it updates and I can see the cursor again, but it’s not really clear to me what the rules are about when this happens. I really want to see my cursor all the time, like I can with Google Docs.


This used to work… sounds more like a bug to me. Do you mind if I move it to the Bugs category?

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, please move to bugs. I’ll see if I can find a better way to document this.

Moved over – thanks!

Here is a short youtube video showing what I’m talking about:

The screen capture isn’t perfect, but I hope it gets the idea across. It does actually update sometimes, but not always. The screen jumps in this video are mostly me hitting the page up/page down keys, but a few times it auto-updated when the cursor was in the nested parts of the list at the bottom, but it still didn’t update the field of view right away; it waited until the cursor was off the screen by several lines.

This is in Chrome 54.0.2840.100 on Ubuntu 16.04

edit I just tested this in Firefox; it works fine there, no bug.


I was able to confirm the bug in Chrome on Windows 10, so I think it’s a Chrome-specific issue.

Will look into it, thanks so much for the video!

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Thank you - good luck bug hunting!

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Update: changed title to “Cursor doesn’t stay in the field of view on Chrome” so that it’s a bit more descriptive.

Hope you don’t mind, @Mark_Eichenlaub!

Additional info:

I’ve experienced this in mobile (Android) on Chrome, but I haven’t experienced this particular bug in Chrome on desktop (Linux or Windows).

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There is also a variant of this bug that appears on Firefox as well as Chrome.

When I’m at a bullet point and use ctrl+↑ or ctrl+↓ to move items up or down a list, when I get to the top or bottom of the list, the field of view scrolls to keep the current bullet in view.

However, if I select one or more bullet points with shift+↑ or shift+↓, then use ctrl+↑ or ctrl+↓ to move them up and down the list as a group, they disappear from the field of view; the field of view does not update.

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This is working now for me. Thanks @Erica!

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Yes, it got fixed recently. Thanks for confirming!

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Highlighting text and moving up/down as @Mark_Eichenlaub described, doesn’t appear to work, currently. (Win10/Chrome, tested in incognito mode as well)

Yes. This is another bug though, right?

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Yes, similar to the OP, but involving highlighting text.

bump for bug JP1 mentioned - a fairly easy fix?

Sorry it’s been so long… I think my last post was a request to have another post about that bug specifically. This bug (with the repro steps in the OP) is already resolved.

Okay; I’ll post it as a separate thread.

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Thanks a lot, Mark! :slight_smile: