Cursor disappear when writing something in search box in a document

Steps to reproduce

Write something in the box “Search within document”, then the cursor disappear after 3 or 4 letters, the search is automatically send (http address changes and page is charged), and it’s no more possible to continue to write the entire text to search. It’s then necessary to click another time in the search box to keep writing.

Expected result

I would be able to write the entire text to search before to valid

Actual result

Writing the text to seach is interrupt


Windows 10, Chrome 57.0 or Edge (same result)

Can’t reproduce. Slowly typed a bunch of characters but didn’t get interrupted. Do you consistently run into this issue or just sometimes?

Anyone else can repro?

This issue occurs with each search. But i’ve tested another time on Edge and there is no problem, it occurs only on Chrome.

Do you have Chrome extension installed?

Extensions like Grammarly might interfere with cursor location because of their nature.

Ok, the problem come from an extension, TurboNote (a video note taking service). I have disabled it and it’s ok, thanks!

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