Current line highlight a little too low

The little background highlight for the item the cursor is currently in is positioned a wee bit too low to be vertically symmetric. Not exactly a big deal, but hopefully not too hard to fix up either! :slight_smile:

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Yep will fix. You’ve got of the eyes of an eagle!!


Update: I just committed a fix, and it’s going out in the next release. I’ll post an update again when it’s live.

Thanks again for reporting!

@Yatharth_Agarwal: this should be out, could you please confirm whether it’s fixed? Thanks!

I feel it might have gotten better, though my eyes still think the highlight is a little too low.

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Can I know your font and font size setting, and maybe list density? It looks perfectly aligned to me right now.

100% zoom, Medium, Whitney, Sepia, Cozy

You can see it in this screenshot:

Ah, sorry, I meant on the web app. The new Mac beta app hasn’t been released yet.

I did mean the web app.

Ok, the screenshot sure looks like the old version. The 2px offline is very visible.

Here’s a screenshot on the newest version:

Hmm… I’d tried force reloading and even incognito mode:

Not sure why I amn’t getting this new version?

Weird… we do encounter cache-related problems on OS X sometimes because Safari aggressively cache things.

Are you testing on Chrome or Safari?

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Hmm… I’m using Chrome in incognito mode, so I shouldn’t have faced any cache issues.

@Erica I’ve been noticing this again recently; the current line highlight is a tad too low (or alternatively, a tad too tall). Can we adjust it again?

Your font & list density settings?

Mine looks like this and it looks aligned to me:

Cozy at 125% zoom:

Comfortable at 125% zoom is off too. Moreover, cozy at 100% zoom is off as well: