Ctrl+Shift+I shortcut captured globally, not when focus is on the desktop app

Steps to reproduce

Open Slack desktop app
Open Dynalist desktop app
Switch to Slack
Press Ctrl+Shift+I

Expected result

Should open info panel in Slack

Actual result

Focus switches to Dynalist desktop app, and “Capture into my inbox” dialog box is displayed.


Windows 10 latest updates, Dynalist v1.1.24, Slack up to latest version.

Additional information

Additional comments

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just change ur hotkey, theyre all customizable in dynalist


just change ur hotkey, theyre all customizable in dynalist

This is only a Pro option.

I have the same problem with the Linux app, where shift+ctrl+i is a common shortcut in other programs.

Given that “Capture into my inbox” is a pro option anyway, it seems like an obvious fix would be to disable this shortcut by default in the non-Pro version.

I take this back. While it is documented that modifying shortcuts is a Pro feature, it appears that it isn’t actually and I was just looking in the wrong place.

Edit 2:
Actually I’m on the introductory free trial of Pro, so maybe my initial concern still holds. I guess we’ll see what happens when that ends.

Did you solve the problem? I have the similar problem, an very important hotkey doesn’t work.

Free accounts can’t change default hotkeys. Appearently Slack is the same way. So if the app can’t change them either, the OS will give it to whichever app requested it first.

So I disabled the hotkey when I still had the trial version of the Pro account and it’s still disabled now that I am on the free version.

I don’t know if that’s because I made the change or if the free version disables global hotkeys to Pro-level features.

Hope that helps.

I thought it is enabled on free accounts. If it doesn’t re-enable itself after you revert to free, that sounds like a bug.

To see, open this link in Chrome in incognito mode and try the hotkey


I hope that it isn’t a bug that it’s still disabled.

I don’t see how a global hotkey that just prompts you to upgrade to Pro is a good thing…

It should tell you what it’s set to in the right click menu – what do you see? Is it the correct free default or is it the customized one?