Ctrl Shift 2 doesn't work to assign colour 2

Steps to reproduce

  1. Enter a new item
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+2 to apply color label 2

Expected result

The new item is highlighted with color 2 (orange)

Actual result

Nothing happens, the color remains the basic background color of the theme.


Windows 7, Chromium 55.0.2900.1 (SRWare Iron)

Additional information

If I use the menu to apply the colour it works fine. I can remove the color and switch to other colors. It’s only the keyboard short-cut for colour 2 that doesn’t seem to work.

Additional comments


In Chrome(ium) you can use the internal URL chrome://extensions/configureCommands to see what keyboard shortcuts are in use, and in my case I can see that Ctrl+Shift+2 is already used by Streamkeys extension to toggle mute.

So problem solved!


I ran into the problem while developing this feature too. Ctrl+Shift+0 just doesn’t work, and that’s why we opted for Ctrl+Shift+Backtick instead. I just checked, Ctrl+Shift+0 isn’t taken by any extensions, but I can’t find any information on the Chrome official documentation either :frowning:

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