Ctrl+Shift+1 Not Working

Steps to reproduce

Press Ctrl + Shift + 1

Expected result

The Color become Red

Actual result

Nothing happened


Windows, Google Chrome

Additional information

Ctrl + Shift + 2 <== It’s working.
Ctrl + Shift + 3 <== It’s working.
Ctrl + Shift + 4 <== It’s working.
Ctrl + Shift + 5 <== It’s working.
Ctrl + Shift + 6 <== It’s working.
Ctrl + Shift + `(grave) <== It’s working.

I checked my keymap, it is Ctrl + Shift + 1 for Red.

Additional comments

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For what its worth I am not experiencing any problems with these keys.

Did you notice anything changing when you press Ctrl+Shift+1? The browser probably intercepted the shortcut and didn’t pass it on to us.

No. If it’s the case that the browser hold it up, what can I do to check if it is the case or not?

Assuming that it’s not another program that’s running on your computer, it could be a browser extension.

Just by observation I guess. Did any noticeable change happen?

Also this may be relevant: Color Labels Implementation - #3 by thymaro

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I just opened a bug for almost the same thing, Ctrl Shift 2 not working.

Maybe merge the two into a ticket that deals with shortcut keys not working/being intercepted. Is there some way to see what short-cut keys registered in Chrome and/or Windows?

Just found it!!!

In Chrome(ium) you can use the internal URL chrome://extensions/configureCommands to see what keyboard shortcuts are in use, and in my case I can see that Ctrl+Shift+2 is already used by Streamkeys extension to toggle mute.

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Thanks for the solution! That should be it :slight_smile:

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I observed the same for the last week or so.
Ctrl-Shift-1 stopped working on my Windows Chrome, but still works fine on my Ubuntu Chrome at work

The Chrome shortcut settings in chrome://extensions/configureCommands show no keys taken over

Actually this page http://unixpapa.com/js/testkey.html shows that the “1” never triggers a keydown or keypress, only keyup, when used in combination with Ctrl-Shift.
So I guess this is some problem on my computer, unrelated to dynalist.

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Thanks! Amazing debugging skills! If you have Pro, free trial or not, you can customize to something else, which will be kept after your Pro expires.