CSS: Styling expanded nodes only?

Hey everyone.

Is it possible to make something like the mock up below with css?

[When parent get’s expanded, it(and all children) have a background]

[Background disappears when parent is collapsed]


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I am by far no expert, but I think this is not possible with pure CSS.

You first would need to identify the .Node-self.is-parent:not(.is-collapsed) elements (no problem until here), but then modify the parent .Node or grandparent .Node-outer element, which is not possible according to

But I would be delighted if someone could proof me wrong!

P.S.: If you are fine with only highlighting the child items, this might give you a pointer:

.Node:not(.is-currentRoot) > .Node-self.is-parent:not(.is-collapsed) + .Node-children
    Background: rgba(0,0,0,.1);


Thanks for the reply Lukas. I wasn’t even aware that the thread you linked existed!

It’s a shame that dynalist doesn’t put some kind of class on expanded nodes. That would solve the problem I think.