CSS customization workflow

So I in playing around with the new CSS feature, I was curious of how to store my CSS somewhere and then to easily copy it into the CSS field in settings. I discovered I can keep the CSS in a Dynalist file and they copy and paste it into to settings and it works. The only thing I discovered is that if I indented a style, the style didn’t work.

So my current workflow is to test with a local CSS file. Once I have it working, I make a backup of the CSS into dynalist (and I even do some basic editing in dynalist when I know what I want to do) then copy it into the CSS field in settings.

Anyone else found a useful way to edit and save your CSS into dynalist?

Here is what my dynalist document looks like:

You mean indent in Dynalist? For keeping things like block of CSS or code, I recommend using the note field.

Yes, the indenting adds extra spaces when copying.

I did try using not field, but I discovered it was more flexible to use the normal outline features (easier to move things up and down, you can apply color formatting).

Basically it made it more readable. Just my opinion. I am curious at other ways to manage the CSS.

One thing I can say, the CSS addresses a lot of interesting issues for me and its a elegant solution offering an amazing amount of flexibility.


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That’s what we hoped! :slight_smile: There are a lot of things you can tweak according to your own preferences, without the need to wait for us to change anything about Dynalist :sunny:

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Can you share the code for the way your colour labels look? I like the bolder bit on the left and then lighter throughout

image oops :frowning:

Yes, those look nice and is an idea I borrowed from another Dynalister at: