[CSS] Coloring the vertical bars to match each heading

I have assigned different colors to my headings and would like the vertical bars’ colors (that appear between expanded bullet points) to match the headings.


To change the headings’ colors, i use this:

.is-heading1 .Node-renderedContent
  color:  red;
.is-heading2 .Node-renderedContent
  color:  green;
.is-heading3 .Node-renderedContent
  color:  blue;

I found a snippet to color all vertical bars in this theme: Dynalist Simple Colors for default theme | Userstyles.org.

.is-currentRoot .Node .Node-children
  border-left: 1px solid purple;

But how can I restrict this modification to only affect each specific heading?

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+1 for that :smiley: I am interested as well, would be nice!

I dare to bump this once. :duck::dash:

It’s impossible to do this with CSS with the current html layout

Tanks! At least I have closure now… :wink: