Critical Bug: Note got deleted randomly

Steps to reproduce

I had my PC off-sync for a few days and kept working with the Android App. When i logged into my PC, one of my notes wasn’t there and when i connected my phone to the internet again, it also got deleted from there.

Expected result

Note being there

Actual result

Note got deleted


Mobile App/Desktop App

Additional comments

Is there any way to get my note Back? It included a few days of work and i am pretty mad right now.

Related: it’s too easy now to delete things. Imagine just folding everything up, and accidentally selecting a thing and deleting. Months of information gone in a split second. Yes you can undo, but only if you noticed. (It’s also possible you accidentally moved the missing item. Hard to say why a thing is gone when all you know is you don’t see it here.) My suggested remedy is a Recycle Bin document that holds onto things you deleted.

Hi @Flo,

Could you explain the situation with a bit more detail please?

Namely, what do you mean by “had my PC off-sync for a few days”?

From my current understanding, you worked on both your PC and Android app, and the phone was offline for some time, is that right?

The notes that got deleted – were they worked on on the PC or the Android app?

Yeah, most likely you worked on some of the same items on both devices, and because they were offline, one client overrode the other.

I just added three days of Dynalist Pro to your account, could you please see if you can see your lost changes in the version history?

Instruction for version history is here: Version history - Dynalist Help Center

This might be explained by my new bug report. I was not aware of Version History, but I just checked and no, the item that got deleted never made it into the History.