Creating new item on Android Chrome crashes Chrome

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Dynalist in Chrome on Android.
  2. Create a new item.

Expected result

New item is created.

Actual result

Chrome crashes.

See screen capture:


Android 11. OnePlus 8T. It repros even after restarting the phone.

I couldn’t repro on my wife’s Pixel 4A, both using the latest version of Chrome and System WebView.

This looks related to the recent Android System WebView issues (not Dynalist’s fault). I tried clearing Chrome/WebView cache and storage but that didn’t work, but clearing the Google Play Store storage/cache fixed the issue! So this can be marked as closed.

Here’s the article that mentioned clearing Google Play Store storage fixes the problem:


This just started happening to me again, not sure what’s causing it. The methods mentioned above didn’t resolve the issue this time, unfortunately.

I’m surprised it can crash the browser… I’d bet it’s because Google screwed up another webview update :sweat_smile: