Couldn't Load Dynalist

Steps to reproduce

Using Chrome, Go To Dynalist

Expected result


Actual result

The Infinity Sign just loop and loop, couldn’t load Dynalist



Additional information

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Additional comments

Just posted this: Dynalist is slow right now, we're looking into it

Same here. Any update from the team? I really need my notes now.

Working on it, no clue for now.

I’m assuming you don’t have offline apps installed? Dynalist is slow, not unloadable. Could you please try a few times?

Hi Erica - Not a huge rush. Just wanted to report I am running into the same problem as well.

Thanks for working on it and for one of the best apps ever

Thank you for the kind words Aaron!

Chiming in that I cannot load any Dynalist data (Los Angeles).
Concerned that this seems to be a problem for ~9 hours. Is there an ETA for getting the service running?


The service is running, but not everyone can access it because too many requests are happening…

We’ve been working all night to try to make it faster for everyone but haven’t been able to identify a cause so far. There’s no ETA, unfortunately, we’ll try our best.

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Hi @Chris, @vibl, @Ken1, Dynalist should be back now, let me know if you’re still experiencing problems!

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Hi Erica,

Thanks for your team’s great effort to keep the server up. I appreciate your dedication and service a lot! I am proud of being in the Dynalist Community!