'Copy To' in the context menu, like 'Move To'

I know we can move a bullet node and its contents to another location/document using Ctrl + Shift + M. Is there a similar way to make a copy? Right now, I select all the content I want and do a copy-paste [ctrl + c and ctrl + v]. Was wondering if there was a one-click shortcut?

Not yet.

But there are two faster ways:

(1) If the destination is close (i.e. on the same page), you can hold Ctrl while dragging it. That would create a copy.

(2) In Dynalist Pro, you can set a custom shortcut for “duplicating current item”. So you can hit that shortcut and then do a Ctrl+Shift+M move. Not one click but pretty close.

I hope that helps!

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Thanks Erica. I can use the first method. Do you have any plans to add this in the context menu?

Don’t think so, the context menu is already crowded, sorry!

Perhaps you could consider adding a single shortcut? This isn’t really important, as the existing methods are fine, so it’s just one of those ‘nice to have’ features.

And I agree the menu is a bit crowded, but it doesn’t bother me.

Ok, we’ll consider that, thanks for the suggestion!

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My only feature wish for dynalist is to have Copy in mobile. Any chance it will happen?

I think so. Now that we have swipe to complete/delete, there are more spaces in the toolbar.

Ideally, we want the toolbar and swipe gestures to be customizable because on mobile the space is so limited, it’s impossible to design an interface for different workflows.

For non premium users you can also do this:

  1. Hit enter at the end of the node to create a blank bullet node.
  2. Copy the bullet node you want to work with into this node and then copy it again to the location you want to using Ctrl or cmd + Shift + M.