"Copy to clipboard" button on mobile

Often I want to copy some item alone or with descendants to another program (message to WhatsApp or note to some browser text field).
It will be very useful to have a button to copy current node to clipboard buffer.

Have you tried the export button? I think it does what you need.

Where is the “Export” button in Android app?

  1. By “buffer” do you mean the clipboard?

  2. “Export” is available as a custom toolbar option, so that’s why @Kenneth_Aar can see it with Dynalist Pro.

  1. Yes, clipboard buffer
  2. Does “Export” button “available as a custom toolbar option” do exactly that? Copies to clipboard?

It’s the same as the “Export” option on web/desktop. You can choose the format and choose whether you want to copy or download the exported result.

At desktop it works good, is it only for pro in app?

Yes. Document level export can be accessed by free users as well:

Does anyone know of a way to copy multiple items to clipboard in the iPhone free (not pro) app?
Over time I have realized this functionality is essential in my workflow but not worth paying the monthly subscription.
I hesitate to stop using Dynalist as my favorite note-taking app but the inability to export text to clipboard really forces me to seriously look at other options.