Copy-paste text from Word (Mac) results in scrambled text

Steps to reproduce

Copy text from Word for Mac, then paste this in Dynalist and it displays as scrambled text and meta tags. It looks like it cannot deal with the Word formatting.

Expected result

It should show as normal plain text. It should reformat when pasting the text into Dynalist.

Actual result

It is scrambled.


Mac OS latest version, latest updates. It happens on Dynalist for Mac and also on Web.

Additional information

Additional comments

Hi, I’m getting the same mass of xml in Windows 7 with Word and Outlook. Hope this gets sorted soon.

I am getting the same problem here

Any solutions?

That is normal Word markup that DL cannot parse. You have to use plain text paste, e.g., via Edit > Paste and Match Style menu option or Shift-Cmd-V.

You can use an app like Clipboard Viewer to examine what Word is putting on the clipboard when you copy there, to see all its junk.

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This is great - I’ve been looking for the answer for two days! Shift-Ctrl-V works for Windows too!

Thank you so much!!!

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