Copy/paste between dynalist and the world to better handle newline/bullet converstions

TL;DR - I would like an option for dynalist to “remove empty lines/bullets during paste”… and during copy to “add an extra newline for every bullet”… this would radically help the import/export of data in and out of dynalist. Or alternatively, for any copy-paste of external data (plain text or rich text) to trigger some kind of wizard that could help format and align the data.


When I paste paragraphs or outlines from another source (such as gmail, google docs, word, etc) to dynalist, there are tons of extra empty bullets added from the double-newline of having a space between paragraphs.

likewise, when I copy a set of bullets from dynalist (which in my case are paragraphs), and paste it to another source, they are all jammed together and I have to go back and add newlines.

This workflow would be radically better if there was an option to “eliminate empty bullets during paste” and another option to “add extra newline between bullets for copy”…

The developers have stated they aren’t adding new features, only bug fixes

But this community does have a lot of folks using scripting engines to do stuff like this

espanso, alfred(bash), autohotkey, apps like those

They typically bind a new hotkey (like alt-crtl-V to special paste) which runs a regex replace on the clipboard before pasting.

Do you use any scripting tools like that?

Just as an example I have command-enter on my Mac set to Alfred and if I type = and paste anything it runs this script on it



CONTENT=${CONTENT//$'\n'/' - '} #replace newlines with " - "

#transmit to dynalist inbox
curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --request POST \
  --data "{\"token\":\"${dynalistAPIKey}\",\"content\":\"${CONTENT}\"}" \