Copy link shortcut and text cursor

Not sure if this would count as a bug as such, but a minor usability annoyance which gets in my way several times a day

Steps to reproduce

  1. Set up a custom keyboard shortcut for copy current item link
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut on an item in the outline

Expected result

Link copied and cursor stays where it was, i.e. document retains keyboard focus

Actual result

Link is copied, but cursor disappears meaning going back to the mouse or pressing escape to be able to continue navigating around with keyboard


Windows, Chrome

Additional comments

This probably isn’t the only place this happens, it might be worth adding ‘full keyboard navigation’ to the roadmap - Dynalist is pretty good in this area, but I find myself having to reach for the mouse quite often because of things like this.

Can repro, I will have a fix ready for the next release.

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