Copy and paste doesn't copy heading and color label

Steps to reproduce

Copying an item with Ctrl+C:

Then pasting it with Ctrl+V:

Copies the formatting, but doesn’t copy the heading setting nor the color label. Also it inserts an unnecessary empty line.

Expected result

The result should have the heading and color label, and also not the empty line.


Linux, Chrome 91.0.4472.77
No third-party scripts, tried in incognito mode too

The issue exists in Chrome 92.0.4515.40 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

Copying sub-items is broken too. It works if I copy an expanded item. But copies only the top item if it’s collapsed:


It works well with Chrome Version 93.0.4535.3 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

Sorry for the late reply. It sounds like this was caused by a chrome bug? The described behavior seems like it was unable to get the OPML that was copied to the clipboard, and ended up parsing from the HTML instead.

The issue is (was) with the pasting. It works well if I copy from the old chrome to the most recent chrome. But fails if I copy from the new chrome to the old. Or from the old to the old. So the copy side is fine, the paste side is not.

If you want to see what’s pasting you can play with

When I copy from dynalist I get 3 versions in my clipboard

type: text/plain
type: text/html
type: text/opml

Old Chrome version has no opml and simpler plain and html:

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How odd that Linux chrome had the problem, considering that the chromium developers are mainly on Google’s Debian desktops. And you’d think they’d have a build test bot in the cloud that would have spotted such a simple bug.