Converting a folder to a document

Today, as I was organizing stuff in Dynalist, I found a folder called “Ideas” with a few documents in them. Each document was an idea that hasn’t been explored in depth, so they are quite short.

I wanted to move all these small ideas to an “Ideas” document so I can better compare them in one place. I manually did it. After that, I realized it would be cool if Dynalist allows you to convert a folder to a document like so. Or the other way around, if your document are too big rather than too small.

But I don’t know if that’s just me, so I’m posting here to ask for ideas on this.

(I remember this is a subset of what @Yatharth_Agarwal described as the “superman mode”?)

It sounds quite logically consistent—with a sprinkle of surprise and delight! :partying_face: —to drag a folder into a document and have it become an item.

This would complete the superman mode in terms of files to items. Items to files is not exactly complete (you can’t drag an item and have it become a folder, with its sub-items becoming documents), but I think we’re already unlocked 90% of the value :slight_smile:

Remember that each document has its own URL. Converting all into a single document would break things like linking when all the URLs change.

Yes. Also version history will be gone.

So if you want to merge documents or split a document, you need to accept that their previous link address and version history will become invalid. I guess it’s technically possible to update all the links and merge/split the version history, but that sounds too much work for such a niche feature.