Convert back checklist to bullet

I imagine there must be some way to do it but I can’t find the instructions.

I have made a list a checklist and I want to convert it back to just bullets instead. How do i do it?

Find the item or items that you converted to checklist, and use either the menu option or shortcut (default is Ctrl+Shift+C) to convert them back.

Did you run into any issues?

I don’t get any option for this in the menu. and the shortcut also doesn’t work.

Sorry for the late reply.

It looks like you’re trying the shortcut/menu for the wrong item.

For example,

In this case you should do it on parent, not child 1/2/3, since that was the one you converted to checklist in the first place.

I hope that helps!

thanks ,

this was the issue. now I was able to convert it back from the parent.

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