Control + Right/Left Arrow to Expand & Collapse respectively

I would like to use Control + Right Arrow to Expand and Control + Left Arrow to Collapse. This is the natural behavior for outlines like this. I find it unnatural to use a single command that can mean 2 different things.

This should be a simple request and I hope that it is. You graciously allow user to create their own shortcuts but to my knowledge you bundle expand and collapse as one thing when it is actually not.

I appreciated any guidance you can provide on this. Thank you.

This is tricky to implement though, as if they were separate on the keymap, those of us who do want a single shortcut for both couldn’t do so - so they would need expand/collapse combined, expand, and collapse separately … couldn’t you add both shortcuts to expand/collapse and just use the one that makes sense to you in the moment?

Could I? Is that possible? Perhaps I am missing something. Are you saying it is possible in Dynalist to add 2 separate keyboard shortcuts to “expand/collapse” in settings?

Additionally, I have used a lot of outlining software and would be hard pressed to find one that uses the same keyboard shortcut for expand & collapse. Even in Microsoft Office and notable competitors Checkvist & Workflowy.

  • Excel - grouping columns and rows - Alt+Shift+Arrow Right and Alt+Shift+Arrow Left
  • Excel - pivot table grouping - Alt+Shift+Arrow Right and Alt+Shift+Arrow Left
  • Word - using outline view - Alt+Shift+Arrow Right and Alt+Shift+Arrow Left
  • Checkvist - Control left and right arrow
  • Workflowy - Control Up and down arrow

My inclination is not to believe THEY (Microsoft, Checkvist, & Workflowy) are all doing it wrong but only Dynalist is doing it right. If there any other outline program you know of that uses one shortcut for expand and collapse? I’d love to see it. I don’t think there is one and if there is one it is in the minority.

Finally, my experience is that single function expand and collapse is relegated to the very mouse centric mouse click using the + and - button which I feel is not be the right approach when it comes to the keyboard.

However, if I could do what you suggested and simply “add both shortcuts to expand/collapse” I would be very happy.

Hmm, I see what you mean - I’ve gotten used to 1 key for it now, but actually could get used to having two. Just checked and yep you definitely can:


Thank you very much. :grinning: I was unaware you could add multiple keyboard shortcuts to one action. This works perfectly.

Thank you. Your suggestion was overlooked by the support team when I asked them about this ages ago. This will definitely encourage me to use the program more than I have ever been using it.

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