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I’ve been using Dynalist for a couple of weeks, and I greatly enjoy the simplicity of it. I mainly use it for two purposes: keep meeting mins, and tasks(to-do) at work. Thanks to the ever indenting, it can be highly organized on whatever you write down.

This brings me to think about the possibility of displaying it in a mind map view, or in any way connection-based. To me, it’s always not easy to find a well-balanced tool that can be this organized like Dynalist and can at the same time be displayed in a more visual way. I’ve been imagining an app where you can create your tasks in a mind map mode, and beside each node you can type organized details like you are able to do in Dynalist. It’s probably a challenge as I haven’t come across such tool yet.
(A close one would be Smartdraw, which allows you to create tasks and switch between mind map mode and gantt chat mode. Pretty cool, but they way you write details in each node is still add note/comments in a sticky-note like area. You do get to indicate due date in the node though, and I really like the feature to allow switching to gantt chart view.)

It’s probably not an easy task as to how to keep all the text organized like Dynalist does(allows to indent/outdent/zoom in/zoom out) , and still gives you the connection-based visibility(like mind map), all together in one view.

Any advice to share? I know with currently Dynalist, {{ enables you to jump to another item. Well this is an connection at least!


It’s a planned feature :slight_smile:

You can access the “demo” version by changing the ‘d’ in the url to ‘mindmap’.

for example:


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Thanks for the reply Ibrahim. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not a pro user, but when I changed the URL as what you suggested I got a page not found. Anyway you could share a screenshot what the mindmap will look like

Ah my bad. Mindmap view is for Pro users only at the moment.

Here’s what it looks like:

Interesting thanks! So does it allow to fold/unfold a node in mind map mode? And aside from pure text, can it show date and something else?

You can click a node to expand/collapse it. At the moment it just shows the node text, no other data or formatting.

Keep in mind this is still at a very very basic stage, and more a proof of concept than anything else

Check out this page!


Thanks Ibrahim for this!

Just had my first taste of the mindmap feature.


Mindmap + dynalistIO would be Utopia for me.

So: where do we stand and what’s on the mindmap roadmap?

Current state of mind map, as you can see, is very basic. It was a hobby project quite a while back (2+ years!), and unfortunately since then we have been working on more practical features like dates and Google Calendar sync. We definitely hope to work on it and polish it in the future.

As of what’s on the roadmap, a lot of things. The most basic ones are: to make the shortcuts work, display formatting and notes, and make everything less jumpy. After that, we’ll see what feedback we receive about mind map to decide what to do next :slight_smile:

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This is probably the feature that I really want the most. Does the /mindmap/ url still work for pro users?

Yep they should work.

A gantt chart with two way sync would be so amazing. I switched from Dynalist to instagantt because of this, but I miss Dynalist so much :’(