Configurable views

What I would really like to see implemented is some kind of configurable view feature where you can setup custom pages with a search filter. When navigating to that page all entries matching the filter (from any document) are displayed, much like the search results.

You could then setup a Todo page for example, where all items with #TODO tags and a due date within the next seven days are displayed or something like that.


Hi @Jo_Hannes,

You can do something similar to this now by bookmarking a view or copying its URL. For example, if you search for #todo and see all the matching items, you can then bookmark that by clicking the star icon and go back to it anytime you like. You can even copy the URL and use it as a link anywhere in a document to go to that view.

It’s not a perfect solution. For example, I wish we had a way to sort the results by title or due date. But hopefully this is of some help.


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Sorting is definitely a big thing.

We’re still trying to think about how does sorting work most naturally in an outliner, when there are multiple levels. Sorting only the outermost levels seems the most natural for now, ideally with another option to flatten the results.

I’m super glad to know it’s on your radar! I agree with both of your thoughts, especially on how valuable flattening the results would be. In fact, if you limited sorting so that it only can be applied to flattened results you would still have a killer feature.

Thanks for all you do!


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I think configurable views are a great idea.
Currently I sort my projects, results and tasks in list. Now going to a taskplanning I have a different list for kinda kanban-status. Moving an item to the kanban-list, I will loose the context to the original place in the project-overview. This is ugly. Of course tags could help sorting here. However items move to a different context. There is also a clone-feature-request. This could be a way to create custom lists with items from different contexts (documents/lists).

Here is another idea using a configurable view.
What about create a configurable view as a custom document.

  1. You create a search (including level, grouping and sorting funictionality).
  2. You add this search-“configuration” as item to a list.
  3. Now automatically the list is filled with the items regarding to the search.

This way you could pretty free generate your own views on your data (documents and lists)

I guess there will be some challenges with cloning, sorting and referencing to the original items. However, it should be doable, shouldnt it?

What you think about the idea?

That’s definitely the most difficult part of this setup – implementation. The features themselves are already pretty hard, plus we need to take performance into consideration because some people have easily tens of thousands of items in a document.

If we could get this added to Dynalist for free, we would :wink: But it’s a fairly large project while there are other competing priorities. I think the ideas themselves are very nice, but we can’t say when Dynalist will have them.

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Ok thanks for the honest answer.