Complex query expression

Has the team ever considered adding capability to enter more complex query expressions, maybe using concepts similar to XPath or CSS selectors so, for example, you could look for the term “budget” wherever it is nested below an item tagged with #project_ABC or something like that?

Haven’t considered it, we’ll probably design the query to look more like “apple under:#fruit” though. XPath/CSS-like syntax would be a little too complicated for the level of technicality we expect from our users

Good one. That would be cool.

Hmm so do you want to open that feature request instead? Since this is more about an XPath/CSS-like query syntax.

Ok, great. Sorry I am a little clumsy with the mechanics of the forum. Should I post a new topic and then just reference your suggestion (which sounded good)?

No worries, I think it’s fine to leave the current topic as it is as reference.

I found a related feature request though, so maybe you want to “like” that one instead. I’ll close this one.

Done. Thanks.