Completed List/Task Document

This feature takes all of the entries or tasks that were marked complete and places them in a new document separated by date. The system could be expanded to automatically email the completed lists/tasks the next day.

Problem it solves:
Few people have a good track of their productivity, achievements and accomplishments. The list would provide both history and context to past work and aid in the recall of important milestones. “When did I remember the milk”

  1. Acts as a personal journal that can be used for business or personal record/event keeping. “Call Elaine to buy socks on 10/1/2017”

  2. Reinforce the habit of creating and completing tasks. An added feature could have a header with tasks with completed state: “4 of 10 tasks complete”

  3. Acts as a reward for achievers and enable an easy review of the previous day’s work. Motivation is important for everyone, especially a team’s shared list.

  4. Archive data of completed items could be relevant for searches in the future. “In 2016 we started project X and completed 3 out of 10 tasks”

I wonder if this is a little orthogonal/specialized for Dynalist. Maybe Dynalist could add a “completed only” view so you could view completed tasks (and move them elsewhere if you wished), and furthermore, Dynalist could expose a nice API to get completed tasks and have you do with them what you will?

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Is that the same as is:completed?

That’s my thought too. If everyone keeps adding their use case to Dynalist, Dynalist won’t be generally useful to so many people any more.

Not saying your problem can’t be solved though. Just saying it might be better to solve it with more flexible tools that everyone can benefit from. In this case “Move all items that match certain conditions” sound like a candidate.

The analogy is sort of like you need $17 and want to make a $17 banknote. I’m just saying in that case it’s better to make $1, $2, $5, and $10, so that everyone can mix and match to get the amount they want.

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Great suggestions…simple and possible.

I would add here, it would be quite helpful if there could be a “date completed” or simply a “date/time stamp” for changes.

The idea of “looking at completed” without being “checked out” is certainly valid, but for my usage, it would be nice to know when I completed something, or when a team member completed something.

In a best case scenario team members might have different color fonts for what they have written. Thus far the system has not worked well for sharing much TBH as it is hard to see who is doing what.