Companion App for Samsung Watches (i.e., Tizen)

I’d love to be able to sync certain lists with my Galaxy S2 watch.

It might surprise you that Samsung has steadily made a name for itself in the smartwatch market. Its line of Galaxy smartwatches support both Android and iPhone, are dependable, and filled to the brim with neat hardware and software features.

However, if you own one of these Galaxy smartwatches, there’s a chance you might not be using the device to its full potential. Under the surface, these wearables pack loads of lesser-known abilities. Here are the best tips and tricks to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch.

Samsung’s Galaxy Store houses a vast variety of watch faces you can try. But you might wish a specific element was a different color, or maybe you’d like to replace the complication widget.

Navigating on a smartwatch’s cramped touchscreen can feel like a chore. But you can still speed up your usual interactions a bit by reordering the widgets, quick settings, and apps.

On the companion app, you can arrange these elements to quickly reach the services you access most. To edit the app drawer’s order, open the Galaxy Wearable app and head to Apps > Menu > Reorder.

Here, you can either have the watch automatically push your most-used apps towards the top of the list, or manually alter the order by holding a particular app and dragging it.

To do the same for widgets, open the Widgets panel in the Galaxy Wearable app. You can also personalize the quick settings’ order from Advanced > Edit Quick Settings.

  1. Take Screenshots
    Did you know that you can take screenshots of your smartwatch? This can come in handy, especially for troubleshooting purposes where you might need to share an error message with the support team.

To capture a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, swipe from the left to right edge while holding down the home button. If you’ve successfully executed this gesture, you’ll see an animation of the taken screenshot leaving the screen.

The screenshots won’t transfer to your phone directly. Instead, they’re stored on the watch’s local storage until you manually move them over.

To do that, go into the watch’s Gallery app. Tap the screenshot and hit the three-dot menu. Now, select Send to Phone and you will receive a notification on your phone once the transfer is complete.

Another method to instantly launch your favorite smartwatch app is utilizing the home button’s double-press shortcut. You can assign it to any app on your watch, as well as essential actions like jumping to the last app you used, creating a reminder, and viewing recent apps.

The setting is inside the Galaxy Wearable app at Advanced > Double press Home key.