Coloring for Powerpack 3

Continuing the discussion from Powerpack 3:

I use Dynalist a lot of the time every day to organize my information.
and Powerpack3 is indispensable for that.
Thanks for the great tool.

I’d like to change the cream yellow background of Powerpack 3, as it doesn’t match my CSS colors a bit, is that possible? :nerd_face:

I think piotr abandoned powerpack years ago. I’m surprised it still works. There might not be many folks still using it, but maybe try something like

div {
    color: green !important;
    background-color: pink !important;

Thanks for the reference!
I’m going to try a few things, although I need to be creative because it also changes the color of unintended areas.

It’s a shame that PowerPack3 is no longer being developed because I find iFrame Embedding very useful. :shushing_face: