Color labels lost in OPML files

Steps to reproduce

Create a Dynalist file. Use some color labels. Sync to Dropbox to create automatic OPML file backups. Open an OPML backup. Copy the text. Paste into a fresh Dynalist file.

Expected result

The color labels appear along with everything else.

Actual result

No color labels exist.


Windows 10 app.

Additional information

Same is true when using “create new file” -> “import from OPML” in the file pane

Additional comments

It seems to work with OPML back ups. Maybe just not with Dropbox daily OPML backups?

Sorry I don’t personally use color labels so don’t have anything to test with right now. I added a color label so tomorrow I should have something to test with. We’ll see!

Thanks for catching this!

Confirmed, will fix and update here!

Thank you!