Color Labels Implementation



How do color labels work right now? Must a user use the keyboard shortcuts to change color, or is there another way to do so?


I’m guessing you didn’t read the blog post about it yet?

The other way is to use the item menu.


Hej Erica, quick change, could you adapt the text in the side bar from “Apply color label 1” etc. to the actual color names that are going to be applied? Like “Apply Color Red” or “Apply Red Color” or “Apply Color Label Red”. I guess, even just “Apply Red” or simply “Red” would be clear enough, since users who don’t know this feature already, will just try and see right away, what it does. I already had to switch keys on red, because ctrl-shift-1 is like pressing ctrl-+, so in addition making the node red, I’m zooming in on everything. Remapped clearing color labels to ctrl-shift-7, since the other sign is a special character that requires the “Alt Gr”-key itself.

Ctrl+Shift+1 Not Working

Color labels seem to be a desktop browser function only, correct? They don’t appear on either a mobile browser or the Android app, even after being turned on in the desktop environment.


Yes. #20characterlimit


As a side thought, all the pastel colors look white against the Dark theme.


Works on ipad pro when forcing desktop version :slight_smile:


It works on my Android phone when I force the desktop version also. But if I need to do that, then why have a mobile version of the site or an Android app at all?


Well on the iPhone the items-menus don’t work always. In Safari not at all, in Chrome sometimes. Also on ipad and iPhone copy-paste doesn’t work - therefore at least for iOS working item-menus and copy paste would be great in an app


Also an app would / could provide automation / sharing options which are imho impossible in a browser.


is this current or outdated info?

not sure if color highlight function is still the same as it was 23d ago

mind marking this as ‘closed’ if it’s not relevant to most of us anymore?


Done! Moved it to resolved.