Collapsed parent symbol is missing when Number children is off

Steps to reproduce

Have a list with children and grandchildren items, toggle ‘Number children’ from the document title item menu.

Expected result

The “>” or “filled right pointing triangle” symbol to the left of the parent is unaffected.

Actual result

The “>” or “filled right pointing triangle” symbol to the left of the parent disappears when “Number children” is off.



Additional information

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Additional comments

I like having an always-on symbol to indicate parent items with collapsed children. I very much dislike when they disappear. But I also dislike number mode. For now I will live with the numbers, as they are less objectionable than losing the symbol.

I just realized this only affects “Article” view.

Thanks for narrowing this down.

In article view, most symbols are eliminated to make it look more like an “article”. Even if not numbered, you can’t tell if an item has child items, if you don’t hover it.

When you hover the item, the collapsed parent symbol should still show up, right?

Right. Ok. Well if it’s on purpose I guess it’s not a bug. I can’t think of why someone would want no way to tell there is collapsed stuff hiding in plain sight though. Maybe they cope with it by manually setting parent items to a different font or something. Well thanks for explaining.

If they want to tell things apart, should have used the List View. My point was just that if list items had symbols and bullet points, it doesn’t look like Article View any more.

You can always compensate this with custom CSS, by the way, now that we have custom CSS :smiley: