Collapsed bullet should be displayed when a matching node also has a matching child node

Steps to reproduce

Create a Dynalist like this:

  • test with multiple items under it, one containing the word “test”
    • item 1 of 2 is hidden
    • test item 2 of 2
  • test multiple items under it, none containing the word “test”
    • item 1 of 2
    • item 2 of 2

Do a search for the word “test”. It will look like this:

Expected result

The first bullet should look like the second bullet because both of them have additional lines collapsed under them.

This is important because without showing the “collapsed bullet”, you can’t tell that there is additional content hidden under the line without manually collapsing and then uncollapsing it. Most notably, if you delete a line you’ve searched for, you could accidentally delete much more than you intended! My poor workaround is to remember to “double-click” items before I delete them to make sure I’m not deleting more than I expected.

Actual result

The first bullet shows as “uncollapsed”, presumably because one of the items is visible.


Macbook running Chrome