Code block - cool uses outside of coding!

Hi all,

As I’m not a coder I basically ignored the code block thing when it came out (which you use by wrapping text in three of these ` e.g. Hello). However I was just playing around with it and it has some nice features for general knowledge / project management. Firstly it has a nice visual, kind of like a note but also separate and with a background colour (not sure of the CSS scope for changing this) which could be nice for anything that is kind of like a subtitle to the main bullet, like the aim of a project:


becomes …


Also, one really cool feature is that if you hover over with the mouse, you get the option to copy the text of the code block (not including the ``` things) which makes it awesome for some information management tasks like phone numbers, addresses, or anything you might want to regularly and easily copy e.g.


A voila:


Thanks for this handy little extra feature Dynalist guys.

I wonder if anyone else can think of some more cool uses for this?

Have fun!




Rendering bug if set to single line.

That’s really creative! Works well for email addresses too! :smiley:


Ah I couldn’t understand what happened to you at first, but now I see you have put the code block in your note. In both cases above I actually put the code block in the bullet itself - when you do this the rendering actually brings it down to the second line so it looks a bit like a note but its not - this is nice as you can have this and a note at the same time

I love how you think!

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