Closing parentheses of URL's are dropped by the parser

Steps to reproduce

Paste a URL into dynalist. The URL should end in a closing parenthesis. For example:

Expected result

URL is parsed, underlined and clickable.

Actual result

The closing parenthesis is excluded from the URL. Clicking on it gives a bad link.


Windows app, Windows 10. Same thing in Chrome in Windows 10.

Further info

Potentially, this bug was “over-fixed”, in a sense: Links surrounded by special characters It reports the opposite problem - parentheses that aren’t part of a URL being included.

Thanks for the bug report!

We actually did implement a system that count parenthesis to match things up, for example:

Except I just noticed it got accidentally broken because of a recent code change!

I’ve put the fix in place, but it’ll take a few days to be deployed to all platforms.

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This is working now. Thank you!