Clicking end of line with a link sometimes puts cursor at the wrong location


Clicking end of a line with a link sometimes puts cursor at the wrong location. This does not happen every time, but regularly enough to be an issue multiple times a day.

Here’s a short repro video where the behavior occurs twice (AVI format as that is the only allowed extension I saw for this):
2019-10-01 DL clicking link.avi (568.6 KB)

You can see, since mouse clicks are captured in the video, that this is not a case of double-clicking by accident, and approximately the same area is clicked each time.

To be clear, expected is this, text cursor at end of unformatted text:

Instead, we have actual 1:

or actual 2:

Both of these require additional mouse clicks or keyboard navigation to get to the desired spot.

Env: MS Edge, macOS 10.14.6

Note that this is similar to previously reported issue, which was marked as fixed.


Sorry, don’t think we can solve this without true WYSIWYG…


I don’t think I understand why that is. As per the repro video, at the time of the click, the text is formatted, and this operation usually works, I would say 80% of the time. To me that means it’s not a capabilities issue like WYSIWYG, but just a timing one instead. It’s like the code thread setting the cursor position doesn’t wait for the one detecting click location to complete. If I were solving it, I’d be debugging timing and inputs of those 2 pieces of logic.