Clear color label shortcut switches between apostrophe and backtick

Your Clear Color Label shortcut is officially Ctrl+Shift+(backtick), but in actuality switches between apostrophe ' and backtick. When I want to clear a color label, I never know whether to use Ctrl+Shift+backtick or apostrophe. One of the two will work for a while, and then suddenly wouldn’t, and I would have to try the other. I’m guessing one of your builds have a typo, and when you update Dynalist, the shortcut key behavior changes unpredictably. Its not a biggie. Its just slightly annoying that I have to guess.

That’s really weird. I tried to apply and clear color labels a bunch of times and it’s always Ctrl+Shift+Backtick.

Out of curiosity, do you switch between different input languages or keyboard layouts?

Yeah. I realize belatedly that I chose a bad time to post this bug. Yes. It is Ctrl+Shift+Backtick now. Lets just give it a week or so, and at some point, its going to switch to Ctrl+Shift+Apostrophe. I’ll post a follow up to this when it occurs.

That’s… really weird. To the best of our knowledge our code is consistent and does not behave differently depending on what date or time it is…

More likely it’s some interaction between the environment (i.e. your laptop) and our code. Curious to see what it is.

Okay, right now, clear color label is Ctrl+Shift+Apostrophe instead of Backtick.

I’m sure you saw the bug report template when you created the topic… so the problem for us is that we have no way to replicate this issue.

Anyone else having the same issue?

Also, could you please tell me which keyboard layout use and do you switch multiple input languages or keyboard layouts?

Thanks, I think that would be somewhat helpful to the investigation.

I’m running Windows 8 on Bootcamp on a MacBook Pro. I’m not using any external keyboards, nor am I using multiple input languages or keyboard layouts. Just the standard US English default keyboard you get on Bootcamp. I typically use Chrome to access the Dynalist website, although I sometimes use the Windows app as well (both show the same behavior).

I am not a computer programmer, but the nature of the bug (apostrophe instead of backtick) strongly suggests a typo in a version of your source code. The two characters look almost identical on screen.

Also, this is a minor irritation at worst. If you cannot easily find the bug (say with a search on your source), just leave it. If this bug really requires constellations to align before you can reproduce it, it is not a good use of your time. I can live with trying both shortcuts to clear a color label.

For the record, on my mac, CMD + Shift + Backtick seems to (try) to switch between windows of the same app (eg Like CMD - Tab but for windows of the same program instead of different programs). It’s also CMD +Backtick (but goes through the windows in different direction)

Also CMD + SHIFT + 4 Seems to brings up screen grab and not the label colour (I didn’t realize that shortcut before)

So you may be running into some OS shortcut conflicts as well (Not a factor for me as I don’t use coloured labels).

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I wrote what I wrote above precisely because I know it cannot be a typo. Sorry for not explaining beforehand (I didn’t think it was necessary).

In code we do not use the character itself to represent a key, as that’s inaccurate. Numeric codes are used instead, like this:

Furthermore, because apostrophe is not used in any of our shortcuts, it’s not in the list and we will never use it.

However, things can get tricky with key codes. In the end it’s still up to the system which keys they want to fire. For example, if, for some unknown reasons, you laptop tells all programs that key code 192 (grave accent/backtick) is fired when you actually pressed apostrophe, programs will be confused but there’s nothing we can do about it.

Another weird thing you described is that this bug happens sometimes but not the others. If it were a typo (ignoring the information above), the wrong behavior should be consistent and always present. However that’s not the case, from your description.

From the known information, I think it’s some interaction between your computer and Dynalist, which is exactly the hardest kind of bug to debug, which is made impossible because we cannot debug half of the problem (we can’t know what you’ve installed and what your environment looks like).

Thanks a lot for reporting the bug, @Gek. Unfortunately it’s not much we can do about it right now, but fortunately it’s not a huge issue.

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