Chrome search engine for Dynalist

Chrome search engines are useful for accessing custom searches from the omnibar (address box).

To create a Dynalist search engine in Chrome: -

  1. Go to the hamburger menu icon
  2. Go to settings
  3. Under the Search section, click on the “Manage search engines…” button
  4. Scroll down to the “Add a new search engine” box and enter Dynalist
  5. Enter in the “Keyword” box
  6. Enter in the “URL with %s in place of query” box
  7. Click the “Finished” button
  8. Go to the omnibar and start typing Dynalist, when appears, press Tab and enter search term and then press Enter.

You should be taken to the search results in Dynalist even if it is not the focussed tab or even open.


Thanks so much for posting these instructions! They are very helpful.

For even faster searches, I used “ds” for the keyword in step 5. Now all I have to do is type “ds” and hit tab to start searches.


Great tip. Thanks!

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Did anyone found a way, how to put this omnibar keyword into hotkey?

  • wish to just press the hotkey and be in the Dynalist search bar

I was trial/erroring the last 3 hours (PhraseExpress, chrome custom keybord shortcuts), but am total programming noob :frowning:

Thanks for help,

sometimes you can right click on the search bar of a site to do this

but dependent on the site tho