Chrome extension to add Add to Dynalist to Gmail's More menu

In GMail, with an email open, the More menu contains these two items (among others): Add to tasks and Create event.

It would be great if there was a Chrome extension that adds an “Add to Dynalist” to the menu that creates an item, using the email’s subject and email’s URL to link back to it.


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Since every email in gmail has it’s own url, you could use Rawbytz’s extension Clip To Dynalist

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It doesn’t work for me it’s only started the TAB with Dynalist no bookmark is clipped to my Dynalist :frowning:

What can be the problem that it doesn’t work i use the latest chrome version


Hi Dimitry,

The extension is explained in the description in the webstore. It opens Dynalist and copies the url to the clipboard. I presume it’s designed this way because the developer can’t specify what document you want the link to land in and you’re left with the option to navigate to where you want to put it. Personally, I use the extension in conjunction with an AutoHotkey script which puts the links into different places according to the keyboard shortcut I use.

By the way, don’t forget that the URL for emails in gmail reflects the location in the folder structure so it’s best to copy the url from within the All Mail folder (which doesn’t change).

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@pottster is correct. It is a manual paste, and will likely remain that way without an API. I did add Toggle Last Tab to mitigate some of that manual pasting horror :slight_smile:

As to Gmail links, good news. You do not need to worry about where you clip from, Gmail ignores the folder path (labels actually) and will find the email based on the ID only.

One caveat: this doesn’t work in Inbox by Gmail which inexplicably removed unique URLs from the omnibar, even tho they still exist.

Yes, Dynalist needs an API to really get some interesting user integrations going. The would mitigate a lot of the compelling reasons to use competing products.

I always have a tab with Dynalist open so this extension wouldn’t bring much to workflow. Thanks for your work though.

Based on your two messages in this thread, I’m trying to imagine a scenario where this wouldn’t improve your workflow :slight_smile:

Have you tried it?

Thanks for the heads up ref gmail urls Rawbytz. I’m sure the links were broken at some point in the past if a non-existent label was referenced in the url. :+1:

Tried it now!

The description here in this thread is a bit misleading because I thought the extension would open a new Dynalist tab every time.

From the description of the extension though I understand now that if a Dynalist tab is open it uses that one.

So this extension is great!!!


PS.: I left you a suggestion in the Chrome Web Store, or do you have another forum you prefer?

Thanks, here is probably better. Chrome Web Store has no way to push feedback to developers… we have to manually go look.

Selected text is on the roadmap… just buried in other stuff right now.