Choice to disable the "search in all documents" bubble

Sometime I got distracted by the “search in all documents” bubble. Can we have a choice to disable it from popping up?

It’s already pretty small compared to how big it is before…

So if given the option, you would memorize the shortcut and then disable it?

Yes, I would like to disable it.

As before, I can appreciate its functionality of reminding me some of the syntax. But now, it just give me a link and if I forget the syntax I must go to another page. The functionality of quick reference is not that big.

And for Ctrl+Enter, I have memorized it easily and don’t need a button to click on.


P.S. What’s the reason of not using the top bar for filter (like WorkFlowy?). I think it is a good design.

For the design right now, I think the space at the top can be made better use of.

The top bar is reserved for global wide things. It’s pretty empty right now, but we have plans to add things in the future.

The lower space within the document indicates it’s related to the document.

It was actually like what you described and we thought it would make more sense to move it down since it’s more related to the current document than to all of Dynalist. See:

I actually strongly agree that it’s suboptimal right now - it even visually interrupts the flow with long items/certain layout, while the topbar is left empty and unused.

My 2c - this works at top in WF, THOUGH the default Global search in WF makes no sense, having at the top and being default - current document (as per DL), makes more sense. This sense isn’t lost by having it at top, it’s a given, it’s also clarified when the search box appears.

Being able to hide this, assuming the shortcut works (’/’ is easier, faster than ‘ctl f’) would be better than it is.
Having a window-centred pop-up search box would make more sense, if icon hidden.
Also the ‘ctl-enter’ is misleading, it doesn’t do anything until you’ve actually typed yr search into the search box, so shouldn’t it only show when it actually works, and not before?

While I’m at it - unrelatedly - the sync notification ‘sync now’, which then changes to: ‘synced’ appears all-the-time, doesn’t make sense in itself, and also because this functionality is a given it would make more sense if this is hidden, no?

As always - I offer the above in appreciation and respect at your rapid and responsive progress! :ok_hand:

That’s a good point. The current design has lived for about a year now and from the screenshot you can probably tell that many things have changed. They might need another update soon, now that we’ve learned a lot more and added things to the product. What might make sense before might not make sense now, so it’s always good to think it over from a fresh mind.

Ctrl+F is a common shortcut though, and because Ctrl is a modifier key, you can invoke it anywhere, whereas with “/”, you can’t be typing in an item when invoking it.[quote=“Morgan_Newall, post:5, topic:868”]
Having a window-centred pop-up search box would make more sense, if icon hidden.

That’s what we do with the Ctrl+O file finder! :slight_smile:[quote=“Morgan_Newall, post:5, topic:868”]
While I’m at it - unrelatedly - the sync notification ‘sync now’, which then changes to: ‘synced’ appears all-the-time, doesn’t make sense in itself, and also because this functionality is a given it would make more sense if this is hidden, no?

There are arguments for both sides. I actually prefer what you said, but I also know a lot of people that need to know if the thing is synced or not, like in Google Drive you also have this “Last synced 3 minutes ago” status thing. We’ve improved it so it’s not as jumpy before (before, the “Sync now” is a button rather than a text link).

Great minds :slight_smile:

Of course, true that.

I totally missed this feature! Nice to know!

Yet, given you have this it leans even more to supporting losing the search icon, then the topbar search field/pop-up would be current document (coz you can always search all docs if u want to. And did I mention the icon breaks design?) :wink:

If the search icon is the only icon, we’d think harder about removing it. The “Eye” (visibility filter) icon is always there too though, so we’d move them together.

Well, my 2c is - hide em all! Less is more! (WF nails this, without sacrificing function).

Or at the least, if you want to appeal to more (as I appreciate and respect you are aiming to do -
even though it may be an increasingly slippery slope to do so) at least have the base-product have less in the interface, e.g. options to hide icons for power users, while suppoting those that want more icons to click-on, over shortcuts.

You’ll note that I’ve been saying the same since our first emails, and still passionately advocate against adding more, when you can do the same with less (i.e. emails re the ‘menu’ hamburger instead of on-bullet-hover as per WF, comes to mind) :slight_smile:


Any movement at this station?

I’ve noticed that you hide these icons at smaller windows sizes, which is the same thinking isn’t it?

I think you’re talking about the mobile layout, which will be shown when the window size is too small. Screen space on mobile is much more precious so we hide as many things as possible so you can have some space to see your lists.

Bumped up the priority of this, and we’ve heard others complain about this recently as well. It will most likely be an option under the Advanced settings.

Great to hear, thanks again for paying attention :slight_smile:

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My problem is that it doesn’t go away on its own after I do a search. After I stop typing for a while, or hit “enter” (or control-enter) it should go away. Right now I have to click somewhere to make it go away.

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New option: you can now find this option in Settings - Preferences - Advanced.

Thank you so much!

Great news! It’s the small convinience things and your constant reacting to such requests and the optional(!) implementation which makes Dynalist a joy to use and keeps all users with their different preferences happy!

I can’t see any search related option in Advanced on desktop or online.

The new desktop will be released soon. Right now it’s only on Web. Sorry!

I wrote - desktop or online/web, perhaps it was a cache issue as just now I saw new option, but this doesn’t hide the search icon, which I thought was the point we were all making?

While on that - why is there a difference between desktop and web - isn’t the desktop app just a wrapper?
If not, wouldn’t that be easier?

Sorry I misread that part.

The OP mentioned “Sometime I got distracted by the “search in all documents” bubble” and that’s exactly what that option is hiding. It’s the bubble/dialog that pops up when you start searching, not the search icon.

Yes, it’s a wrapper, but that doesn’t mean they are always on the same version.

I don’t want to write a technical long post but basically when you load a website you get the newest version by default, whereas desktop programs need to auto-update and be restarted in order to update to a newer version. That’s why you’ll see Firefox or Chrome asking you to update them but websites never do that. The thing is we don’t want to release a new desktop version every time our web version is released, as desktop apps can be run for a potentially long time, we need to be more careful and only release stable version. Another reason is that the package app is a lot bigger than the website, we don’t want all desktop users download tens of megabytes of stuff just because we made a tiny change. Yet another reason is that we don’t want to increase the version number unnecessarily fast, but that’s just a minor reason.

I still don’t see why you’re inferring the desktop app is not a wrapper from the fact that it lags behind in terms of versions, but I hope the above makes sense.