Children Inherit Parent Tags

Can each child/sub-item automatically inherit the tags associated with the parent (at least for search purposes)? That would make a huge difference using tags and searching across the board.


Yes, or some way to display the children of a tagged item in the search list. This would be SO helpful!


Yes I REALLY want this to and prefer the search route, less messy - parenthastag:#todo etc


Actually, after further consideration I am not sure the search route is best and think that an option (just like the ‘make children numbered’ option) to make all children of a given parent list inherit the tags of that parent would be better. This would be supremely helpful in all database-like situations like customer relations management etc etc, in particular when you want to search for a child which has a given tag within a parent which has a different given tag… the search route would only allow you to check if the parent has a tag, while the ‘option tick’ route would allow it to apply to grandparents, great grandparents etc …

Sara, if I understand your request correctly, then this is already possible: just unfold the nodes of the search result.
But of course this only works for one node at a time, it will not show children of all found nodes - if that is what you meant

This feature request is very similiar to mine

I’m not sure what you mean by inherit tags, if it is not for search - is there any other way than search, where inheriting a tag would make a difference?

And one minor detail. If a parent node has tag #foo, then each child would inherit #foo, so a search for #foo would also find all the children, which is probably not intended.
That is why in my proposal I suggest that at least of of the search terms must be found in the target node.

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I think we are talking about the same idea. Basically, I would love to be able to search within children of items tagged with a particular tag. For instance, if I have a tag called “#poems” and they are spread over a number of documents and hierarchies, its would be great to limit the search to #poems only and search their contents. Right now the only way I can do that, is if I manually tag every child item in each poem with the same tag and then changing the search parameter to include the tag and the search for phrase.

Can somebody add this to the Trello dev board to be more visible?
It frustrates me that I don’t see this feature at least among mid term dev plans.
I have designed a very efficient new workflow method for Dynalist, but it would only function as intended if a Parent node’s tag would qualify in search for the children nodes as well.
I dont see any serious drawback, but tremendous advantages.