Checklist un-checking - Nested checklists


How can we get this onto the roadmap? I’m getting close to moving my checklists out of Dynalist, but I’d greatly prefer to keep things here. I love the app, but the checklist checking/unchecking is so painful.


I’m about to implement a new process. Instead of checking everything then unchecking, im restructuring to two lists: Doing and Did. When i complete something in the first list , I move it to the other. Next day i rename Did to doing and go through this again.

No checkboxes. No crossing out.


Sorry to hear that…

Typically, a post needs more than 10 Likes to be considered for going on the roadmap. Having a easy to understand post title also helps, something like “Uncheck all items option”. On the roadmap, most cards are self-explanatory. I doubt people who are just browsing feature requests would read long description on what the feature does.

To anyone who’s reading: like the OP’s post if you want something like this!

Or if you use the template checklist a lot, you can consider making a clean list (nothing is checked off) and make copies from it (Ctrl+drag).



In the latest update, there’s a customizable shortcut for this now!


What is the name of the customizable shortcut? I don’t see anything for “Uncheck all items”.


It’s in Settings/Keymap(tab)/Working with lists/Uncheck all children. There is no default shortcut set, you create your own. It’s only in the webapp currently.

Finding this extremely useful day to day. Any idea when it’s coming to the desktop app Erica?


OK I see it in the Web App. I only use the Mac version. Still waiting.

Thanks for the clarification.


Works in Mac version now.