Checked items automatically moving to the end of list

When I make a list of things to do and check items after completion, the list is not arranged discriminated with the things completed and things to do.

It would be better if checked item is automatically moved to the end of the list, thereby identifying things to do more distinctly.


As a fellow user, I like the current behavior because many of my lists are order-sensitive. I wouldn’t want the items to move around when checked.

You may find it helpful to hide checked items using the visibility menu in the upper right. That way checked items disappear from view.

Exactly what I wanted to say :smile:

@Wookeun_Lee: is what you described (moving checked items to the bottom) the behavior of some other task management app you’ve used?

This is common functionality in a lot of apps for non-sequential lists e.g. Google Keep (list with checkboxes)

I see, maybe there could be an option for that, but it’s definitely not the default behavior in Dynalist.

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I agree that the current default should remain. An option would be nice though.


Came here as I was now going to suggest the same thing. Like said above, it would be nice to have an option in settings to enable this behaviour.

If you are doing a lot in this one list, click Move and type the current item’s parent. It will be at the end. Next time, click move and press enter. It will just work.


Bumping for interest. Recently I’ve found this could be very helpful for my own setup :slight_smile: