Changing the appearance of hyperlinks

Hello community,

I am new to Dynalist - Just switched to Pro.
Great tool.

I would like to change the appearance of hyperlinks. Instead of plain vanilla underline have a defined #hexcolor and no underline.

Since I am not a CSS experts: Could someone please provide a copy&paste-ready Css snippet for me?

Thanks a lot in advance

Scroll thru , there are comments saying what each line does

None of us really know CSS, we just google everything

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i didnt test it but try

.node-link {
	color: #bad761;
	text-decoration: none;

Just FYI: I’ve added this bit of CSS code, along with many others from throughout the forums, to a shared DL page

Just like Frank_Mattes, I didn’t know much about CSS coding when I started using DL. I learned by example and to make it easier to find specific examples, I started organizing it the best outlining app out there!

I haven’t credited everyone who has shared their CSS expertise, but more recently I have put names, dates and locations where the code was posted. A big thanks to all who have helped us learn CSS.

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Thanks so much - Need some time to go through that collection of great stuff.

Thanks so much!

Thanls so much!